Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kalpattu Village

Kalpattu is a village on the banks of river South Pennar in the district Villupuram formerly known as South Arcot of Tamil Nadu. Your great grandfather, known as Tindivanam Subramania Iyer (probably migrated from Tindivanam) was the maniakkarar of Sirevakkoor village (a nearby village of Kalpattu). He had a daughter (eldest child) and four sons the eldest of them being your grandfather, Narasimha Iyer. After the demise of Subramaia Iyer the third son who was in Kalpattu looking after the lands became the Siruvakkoor maniakkarar as in those days the villlage officer's post was a hereditary one. One of his sons Narasimhan is still in Kalpattu living in the same house which is still in the same condition though the village has developed in other respects. In those days to reach Kalpattu one has to break journey at Villupuram junction and take a train that goes to Katpadi, alight at Mambalapattu and travel a mile or two in bullock carts, mostly open, through a ricketty road which journey will losen all your nuts and bolts. But now one can travel by car on fine black-topped roads from Villupuram. Narasimha iyer was born on 8-4-1889, same year as Jawaharlal Nehru, married your grandma Rajalakshmi (dob 21-4-1897) in 1908. He died on 27-8-1967 and your grandma on 7-12-1975.

Best wishes, Natarajan. Fri, 30 Jun 2006


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Can we locate this village in google Earth?

Kalpat Subramanian Krishnan


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